A Night To Remember

July 30, 2021

Brand new album from a seasoned performer emerging from a break. Tick

A 7 piece band featuring some of the best musicians around. Tick

A 100 minute show to savour. Tick

That performance was last Friday night. If it was scheduled for Saturday, we would have missed out on the something special. (thanks Covid!)

Nate Bentley has used his time through the last 18 months well, writing songs that tell a story of his personal journey, and with a lot to takeaway for all of us.

Blues? Reggae? Jazz? Rock? Country cross? All of the them and more

The performance in the intimate venue of the Jumping Goat was superb, and you have to ask the question as to when we can see this show (8 artists) on the biggest stages and venues. It was that good.

Nate has written with truth and passion in mind, but the voice delivers all this and more. From the undulating, whimsical feel of “Creek Waters”, to the table slapping, foot tapping “Mississippi Minute” and onto the rocking melodies of ”45”, Nate is a very engaging performer who projects his emotions onto the audience, and brings you on his journey.

Backed by some of the best musicians around (credits below), and wonderfully highlighted with the piercing vocals of pocket powerhouse Lani Lindsay, Nate Bentley delivered a performance that left the small but eager crowd wanting more.  And more.

With another album due for release soon, we can only wait for it, and the next performance to come.

Kudos to Nate and his band for a night to remember.

Beam Review 2021


Russell Bayne                     – Guitar and ringleader

Mick Bristow                      – Lead guitar

Lani Lyndsay                      - Backing vocals

Jane  Panette                     - Bass guitar, backup vocals

Dallas Southam                 - Slide steel and guitar

Robbie Mc Gowan           - Keyboards

Nick Downing                    - Drums  

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