A recent addition to our business, Beam Studio One provides a unique rehearsal or play space for everything from professional bands and musicians, to up and coming artists, to NDIS participants and their carers. Airconditioned, fully equipped with PA, lighting and instruments, Studio One is based in the centre of Redcliffe and is available for causal or permanent bookings.  


Nathan Russell - Music Mentor Program

With 25 years musical experience and my skill set as a support worker I can offer a music mentor program by combining my two passions. This is realistically tailored to your specific needs.

This course offers both a lot of fun, and personal growth and development in many areas..

1. Developing your self identity and individual musical style
2. Growing in self confidence as you reach milestones
3. Confidence to experiment and try new things in a supportive environment
4. Practicing different techniques (fine motor skills)
5. Portfolio building with guidance
6. Self directed learning and other times mentor lead learning
7. Practicing following instructions
8. Practicing communication and other social skills (1:1 and within a group)
9. Learning to give your opinion and accepting advice from others
10. Practicing being able to receive and accept constructive criticism
11. Patience and self control needed as an individual or in a group setting

My aim is to mentor individuals on acoustic, electric and bass guitars, also drums and percussion. Building confidence and technique to a point that a group (band) activity is realistic.

Once participants are comfortably at this point it gives the opportunity to progress further with the skill set they have already acquired in 1 on 1 support. Leading to the goal of writing and recording an original piece of music.

A progression to the group stage brings benefits to the individual …

1. Respecting each other’s views and opinions as collaborators within a group
2. Songwriting approach
3. Creative expression in a lyrical form
4. The importance of being a team player
5. The importance of being reliable
6. Recording studio software
7. An understand of taking turns to achieve a bigger goal

Once an original composition has been written and recorded it will then be registered with APRA. This gives the participants exposure to some of the following…

Legal recognition for their achievements
Computer skills to register themselves
A broader understanding of the Australian music industry
APRA/AMCOS registered

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